Blogger's Block

As I drove home tonight, I realized I hadn't posted yet and I'm determined to accomplish my Blog365 goal of posting every day in 2008. So I got home, fired up the laptop, signed in and then it happened - blogger's block. I'm sure you fellow bloggers know what I'm talking about. That feeling that you need to write something... anything. But there's nothing there. I've posted about writer's block before, and it's really no different. The only way I know how to get past the fear of a blank page (or blank screen for that matter) is to write anyway. Eventually, the words will come out. They are there- somewhere. You just need to get moving and the rest will follow.

It's like waking up in the morning to the alarm and REALLY not wanting to get out of bed. But you do. Once I'm up and moving, I go through my routine. Start the coffee, get cleaned up, drink the coffee and then I curl up with my current book for just a little while before everyone else is up and the day is off and running. I don't want it to start. I want to stay in bed for a bit longer. Okay, so a lot longer. But I love my routine. I love to start my day that way. Without it, I feel a bit lost. Same with blogging. Once I start typing, stuff just comes out. I make the decision and then act on it. That's the key. Making the decision to get out of bed and then continuing to lay there doesn't cut it. You have to make yourself do it. The rest eventually falls into place.