13 Ways to Stay Positive When You're Feeling Down

I've recently become acquainted with memes. You know 'em. Those things that tend to pop up on other people's blogs. There's even memes for each day of the week!

Manic Mondays
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So, I'm biting the bullet. I've already participated in Weekly Winners once before. But now, I'm moving onto a whole new one. Since it's Thursday, time for Thursday Thirteen and I'm joining in on the 144th edition.

13 Ways to Stay Positive When You're Feeling Down

Even the most positive people in the world have bad days. Days where you're just not motivated and you just don't "feel" like being nice, cheerful, happy, or even sociable. Join the club! I'd be more concerned if you NEVER had those days! So how do you cheer up when all you feel like doing is pulling the covers up over your head and telling the world to stick it where the sun don't shine?

I'm writing from experience. At the moment, I am coming out of a whole month of those. So here it goes!

1. Laugh. Laughing makes you feel good, it's contagious, and it helps you burn calories. What more could you ask for? You're asking for more? Okay, I'll go on. Rent a movie that you know you'll laugh hysterically at or invite your funniest friend over to have a rockin' time.

2. Exercise. Working out releases endorphins, which make you happy. So, following the whole A + B = C concept results in Exercise = Happy.

3. Say Positive Things. Ever have a "down" conversation and feel absolutely miserable afterward? Even when you were in a great mood at the start of it? That's because words have power. And I'm not suggesting you do the whole "Gosh darn it people like me" type stuff, but if that's what'll get your boat to float, go for it.

4. Retail Therapy. But only if you can afford it, otherwise the bills will make it worse.

5. Play with Kids. They are the happiest little creatures on earth, so let that rub off on you for a bit.

6. Eat a healthy meal. Sometimes it's as simple as you're hungry. So eat something good for you.

7. Pamper Yourself. Get a makeover or indulge in something small. Get your haircut, nails done, take a bubble bath, read a good book.

8. Smile. Yes, it takes effort when you are feeling down to smile. But it brightens up your face and attitude, not to mention the people around you.

9. Take Yourself on a Date. Different than pampering yourself, this is meant to explore your creative side. Go antiquing, to an art museum, a used bookstore, a beautiful garden. Just get out and find some beauty.

10. Count Your Blessings. Think of what you have that is good and go from there.

11. Fly a Kite. Or draw on the sidewalk with chalk. Or fingerpaint. Do something childish that makes you feel young again.

12. Journal. Get down to the root of the problem and find out what's going on. Don't think, just write. You might be amazed at what ends up coming out of your pen.

13. Help someone else. Nothing cheers me up more than forgeting my problem and feeling like I'm really making a difference to someone else. Call someone up to see how they are doing, send a thinking of you card, volunteer at a local organization, or take a friend to coffee that you haven't seen in a while.

No matter the tactic, you can get yourself out of that funk. Believe it or not. My mom always says that Pain is inevitable, but Misery is optional. And boy do I believe that now.