First Day of Pre-K and Mommy Didn't Cry

Yep, you read that title right. I didn't cry when I dropped her off. Crying while I blogged about it yesterday morning was a different story! But my little girl went off to school and she wants to go back on Friday, so that's a very good sign. My son felt very left out so he insisted he wear his "new" shoes (they weren't new, I just called them new to pacify him), grabbed his backpack and joined in the first day picture fest.

Yup, she's growing up. Her recap of her first day included:

  • We danced
  • We sang the cleanup song
  • She likes her teacher
  • They played on the playground
  • They ate a snack (cheerios and milk)
  • She made new friends but can't remember any of their names.

All in all a success although little brother didn't like it so much. There was definitely some candy shopping at 9:30 am to get him calmed down. But, once he got home and figured out he had complete control of the television, he didn't mind so much. Although he did seem a bit lost without his best friend.

So thanks for all the notes yesterday. You guys are great! I'm sure it will hit me again, but I'm more proud than anything else!