Why Aren't People More Positive?

It's funny. I get tons of compliments on my blog, it's concept, and the online community I started called Positive Living. People LOVE the idea and so when I suggest they join the network... well... they disappear.

It's not that I'm hurt - it's up to you whether you join or not. I'm certainly not offended. But it is intriguing. It's gotten me to wonder lately why that happens. Why do people commend others for their positive outlook and then go a different way. I have a couple of theories.

1. It's a lot of work. There's no arguing about it; having a positive attitude takes a great deal of commitment and Lord knows I've failed more than just a few times in my attempts to be consistently positive. And sometimes, to be honest, it's just easier not to be positive.

2. The "Pollyanna" label. A lot of positive people are labeled as unrealistic and Pollyanna-ish. It's sad because positive people really do brighten up a room (plus I heard a rumor that we are all extremely good looking *wink*). A lot of people don't want to put that type of a bulls eye on themselves. Me? I don't care. I call it playing Devil's advocate, but I'm just plain more peaceful and happier in life when I'm positive.

3. It's not as fun. Everyone loves a good whine fest. Seriously, I'm pretty sure everyone likes to do it. What I don't like it is how I feel afterward. Nine times out of ten, I'm completely exhausted and run down. I'm drained. And I certainly have no energy to put toward being positive. It's a bad cycle to get caught in. Now, every once in a while, a good venting session helps me feel better, like a burden has been lifted. But I only do this with a few people that I really trust. But like I said, it's rarely a good thing for me to do.

Please understand, I'm not judging anyone because they don't push to be as positive as I do. I just find it curious that everyone says you should be more positive, then don't do it themselves - like eating right, exercising, and being more green. It's simply intriguing to me.