Positive Site: 29 Days of Giving

Today I want to tell you about (yet) another social networking site that I have stumbled across. While reading MorningsideMom's blog, I read about the 29 Days of Giving Challenge. When I went to the site, it directed me to join the community. Hey, I'm all about community.

So, I'm now a member of the 29 Days of Giving Challenge Community. And it's an awesome place. It's simple really. Commit to giving something away for 29 days straight. I'm a giver by nature. I love to see peoples' faces light up when they get something they want or need. And what did it cost me? Maybe a little money, maybe a little time. But the benefits of giving far outweigh any costs I might incur.

The community is growing. They have an initial goal of 2,000 members by the end of the September. They're less than 400 people away from their goal. It would be awesome if the community could hit their goal and it would be even greater if you joined us!