31 Days of Make Believe: Meet Kristen, Day 2

Meet Kristen Andrews of La Dolce Vita. She is one super talented jewelry artist (have you seen my new favorite necklace?) and she’s our second participant in 31 Days of Make Believe on Unexpected Art. You’ve probably seen Kristen online as “klacustom” which is an abbreviation for her business.

When asked about her blogs, Kristen replied, “I really have a mixed bag, for my personal blog (La Dolce Vita) I blog about my family, a lot about my son, my business, fashion, beauty and TV. What you see on my blog is my life; I include my hand stamped jewelry since it is a part of me and my creative outlet. My second blog I just started (La Dolce Vita and Friends) is a collection of handmade artists and their crafty creations."

*Now for the Make Believe Part*

What did you always want to be when you grew up as a kid? Why?

A Ballerina. I danced for 14 years and always had the dream of being a professional ballerina, I realized at a young age that it wasn't going to happen so then decided I wanted to be a celebrity (heck I still want to be famous - who doesn't?) Did you know celebrities get all this free stuff given to them? I could handle the paparazzi!

What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

Cinderella, doesn't everyone have the dream of marrying their prince? I actually did marry a really great guy and he is my prince.

It is the night of the big ball. The one you are destined to marry is among the crowd, so you’ve dressed your best. Describe your outfit.

Well in keeping with my fairytale I would want to look like Cinderella of course, with the same dress, glass slippers and of course a horse drawn carriage.

Your life has been selected to be featured in an upcoming fairy tale style movie. What is the title and premise?

The 3 little pigs and the not so bad wolf mama, I am the wolf of course and my 3 little piggies are hubby (leaves his socks and stuff around the house) kiddo who can destroy a room in two seconds, and dog who is stinky and messy. No matter how much I huff and puff nothing changes and no one listens to me. The three little piggies always win, since I am outnumbered 3:1. How will this end?

You need to be rescued. Where are you and what is going on around you? Describe the scene as your hero approaches.

I am in the house surrounded by dirty dishes, laundry, toys everywhere and the fairy godmother of good mothering shows up to magically clean the house, tame the kiddo and leaves me her magic wand, I become a Princess and now can get my wishes by just asking. The Prince comes home and now picks up after himself, the dog cleans up after himself and the kiddo no longer leaves his toys out. (This is my fairy tale right?)