31 Days of Make Believe: Meet Beckie, Day 5

Meet Beckie, our latest blogger in 31 Days of Make Believe. She is best know as Spookygirl which is a reference to Fox Mulder on X-Files, her love of Halloween and all things spooky.

When you visit her blog, Spookiez Spot, you'll read about her family and their everyday exploits.

*Now for the Make Believe Part*

What did you always want to be when you grew up as a kid? Why?

I wanted to be a scientist. I LOVE science class, and was always playing with a chemistry set my Grandmother gave me. Once I decided I wanted to make my own experiment so I combined a few of the ingredients and made bubbling ink. The top of my old antique desk is till stained blue.

What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

Alice in Wonderland. I am a bit obsessed with it actually. I LOVE that Alice is a strong female character that just take the world in stride. She doesn’t need Prince Charming to come and rescue her. She doesn’t lose her head, but makes her own way.

It is the night of the big ball. The one you are destined to marry is among the crowd, so you’ve dressed your best. Describe your outfit.

My dress is comfy and casual. Purple, probably, my favorite color. I am, of course, wearing my favorite crocs, cause I always say, Love me, Love my Crocs.

Your life has been selected to be featured in an upcoming fairy tale style movie. What is the title and premise?

Wonderland, it’s all about Alice all grown up, making her way in the real world. Now she has a husband and a couple of kids. Of course, her friends pop up now and then with funny one liners and sage advise. The Cheshire Cat come along, with his fashion advise. The Red Queen is always there to shout “Off with their head” to any and all who get in my way. The White Rabbit reminds us to take the time in life to enjoy things. TweedleDee and TweedleDum remind Alice to not take life to seriously.

You need to be rescued. Where are you and what is going on around you? Describe the scene as your hero approaches.

Oh I never “need” to be rescued, but it’s always nice to let your knight in shining armor feel useful.