31 Days of Make Believe: Meet Michele, Day 8

Michele Dortch is the IntegratedMother online and that's also the name of her site. Of her blog, the Integrated Mother, Michele says, "Although the audience is intended for moms who work in traditional careers, I’m learning that my readership is wider so I have to reassess the definition of “working mother.” I mean, we all work to some degree!"

*Now for the Make Believe Part*

What did you always want to be when you grew up as a kid? Why?

For the longest time, my parents really shaped my dreams, so I wanted to be a doctor because they told me I wanted to be a doctor. When I was around 14, I dreamt about a career as a writer. At the time, I wasn’t sure what kind of writer (fiction or non-fiction), but I knew that I loved words – reading them and writing them. Of course, I was encouraged to pursue a “real career” and despite earning my undergraduate degree in English, meandered through over a decade as a corporate cog before landing where I am today – finally about to emerge as a professional writer.

What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

I’m not sure this qualifies, since it’s a Disney movie/fairy tale, but my favorite is Mulan. I can relate to Mulan’s desire to please her parents and how it conflicts with who she wants to become. They lyrics for the movie’s theme song sum it up for me, “Look at me; you may think you see who I really am; but you'll never know me; everyday it's as if I play a part; now I see if I wear a mask I can fool the world; but I cannot fool my heart…”

Mulan demonstrates character, determination and strength through her experiences and eventually is able to reveal her true identity. It’s empowering!

It is the night of the big ball. The one you are destined to marry is among the crowd, so you’ve dressed your best. Describe your outfit.

I’m wearing a red, form fitting dress that comes to the top of my knees. The dress is snug, but not tight (I don’t want to look cheap) and thanks to Spanx my body looks rock solid! The back drops down to reveal just a portion of my back and the front is shaped in a v-neck. I’m wearing some rockin’ black pumps and carrying a cute little handbag for my essentials – cell phone, ID and lip gloss. J

Your life has been selected to be featured in an upcoming fairy tale style movie. What is the title and premise?

Stumbling on Happiness

The movie would be about a woman who always tried to do the “right” thing throughout her life. She followed the master plan given to her – college, career, marriage, house, kids, etc. – but realized how empty life was despite all the external accomplishments. Then one day, she decides to move in a new direction and go off course in search of her purpose in life. Don’t have the ending yet…still working on it!

You need to be rescued. Where are you and what is going on around you? Describe the scene as your hero approaches.

I’m buried under an enormous pile of stinky laundry. The washer and dryer are going haywire and making a huge ruckus in my house. The kids are jumping on top of all the laundry (and I’m still buried underneath it all) giggling uncontrollably.