31 Days of Make Believe: Meet LaTara, Day 14

LaTara Ham-Ying is best known online as Mom2boyz because it simply says she is the proud momma of 2 boys.

LaTara blogs on Mom Unplugged about living a more authentic life, how to keep it real as you live, and not losing yourself in your motherhood role.

*Now for the Make Believe Part*

What did you always want to be when you grew up as a kid? Why?

I always wanted to be a ballerina, travel the world and have the ability to stand on my tippy toes.

What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

My favorite fairytale would have to be Snow White. Not because she got the man in he end but because she got to sleep for so long. Talk about a good siesta with no interruptions. Ahh Heaven!

It is the night of the big ball. The one you are destined to marry is among the crowd, so you’ve dressed your best. Describe your outfit.

Forget the white, it shows dirt to easy. My outfit is an elegant chiffon maroon dress that flares out a bit from the waist down. Or course I have on my diamond tiara with the necklace to match. I am wearing strappy black sandals with diamonds on the straps to show off my perfectly pedicured feet.

Your life has been selected to be featured in an upcoming fairy tale style movie. What is the title and premise?

Desert Island Diva

I am living on an island where I my fairy God mother has surrounded me with everything I ever wanted and my family is nowhere around. It is my moment to just be me. I can eat as much as I want and not worry about sickness, disease or getting fat from all the slices of cheesecake I am eating.

You need to be rescued. Where are you and what is going on around you? Describe the scene as your hero approaches.

I am in the midst of a messy messy kitchen. I am coward over in a corner as the dishes pile up and the trash overflows. My husband cooked the night before and left out all the ingredients and now they are smelly and I swear they have eyes and an evil smile. I just can’t seem to move as I look at the crud on the stove and floor the was overlooked the night before.