31 Days of Make Believe: Meet Toni, Day 26

Toni has three favorite usernames including Toni, of course (the reason being is because it's her name). Tmpatton is another one and this one is her initials with her last name. The other that Toni uses is tgirlie777. She picked it because she says she was always called a girlie girl and her favorite number is 7.

Toni blogs at A Daily Dose of Toni and it's all about life in general. Her daily thoughts, points of inspiration, her beautiful kids... it's all there. And so much humor is laced through it. Be sure to stop over and say hi!

*Now for the Make Believe Part*

What did you always want to be when you grew up as a kid? Why?

When I grew up I think I wanted to be everything at some point. I wanted to be a pediatrician, a veterinarian, an actress, a principal dancer at a ballet company. I noticed that no matter what I wanted to do it always revolved around helping people or entertaining them and to this day I am still the same way.

What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

I love Cinderella. What girl wouldn't love having every dream come true, going from rags to riches. Finding her prince charming and dancing the night away. I always have and always will love Cinderella.

It is the night of the big ball. The one you are destined to marry is among the crowd, so you've dressed your best. Describe your outfit.

A fuchsia floor length gown, the top is fitted and the bottom flares out as most ballgowns do, it is cinched up in areas (think Belle's dress in beauty and the beast) and is adorned with beautiful crystals so that I shine wherever I am, the shoes will of course be clear but they will have Swarovski crystals placed on them to match the crystals that are on my dress. It truly is the dress a princess would wear.

Your life has been selected to be featured in an upcoming fairy tale style movie. What is the title and premise?

Wonderful Chaos would be the title and the premise would be the wonderful life of a princess who meets her prince charming, gets married and has 3 children and their life turns into "Wonderful Chaos". It's chaotic in the castle with 3 children but it is the most wonderful life she could have ever dreamed of.

You need to be rescued. Where are you and what is going on around you? Describe the scene as your hero approaches.

I am in a boat out in the middle of the sea unfortunately the boat breaks down after days of floating and no way to contact anyone in the distance I see a beautiful yacht approaching. When I look up it is my prince charming he lifts me up into the yacht , he offers me my favorite eats...sushi so I know he is a man who will treat me well, we talk and laugh as we travel around the world to Italy and Ireland and on our trip around the world we fall in love and that is how we meet which leads to the Wonderful Chaos