Being Positive Requires Tough Decisions

As many people know, I'm pretty busy when it comes to my online activities. But I've realized with the onset of 2009 that less really can be more when it comes to long term goals.

I took a peek at my 2008 goals when I was establishing my goals for 2009. Not surprisingly, I had some goals from 2008 that I did not meet and they are still on list of goals for 2009. But this year, I'm feeling more motivated than ever to reach those goals. So I started taking an inventory of my life and decided to start eliminating things that could potentially limit my ability to reach my goals. I currently have four blogs (technically five, but my photoblog is pretty much defunct now, so I don't count that one) and I'm cutting back.

Effective immediately, A Month of Stuff and my craft blog will no longer be updated. While I love both (and there will be other opportunities where I can do similar projects) I've realized that I have been putting enormous amounts of pressure on myself to keep up the work. So I will no longer be working on these two sites. If anyone is interested in purchasing A Month of Stuff or the domain behind the craft site, please contact me.

I've also cut back on some of the sites that I've been writing for. Of course I will continue to be the book blogger for Moms in a Blog. I love that column and will continue doing it. But I will no longer write for a couple of other sites that I've been a regular (or semi-regular) contributor for.

Understand that this was not an easy decision. It was actually pretty gut wrenching. Especially the concept of A Month of Stuff. I loved the idea of building a community, but it requires a lot of work to build that type of community that I just don't have the time for.

So I'm shrinking in order to grow. My positive outlook on life absolutely requires that I have some sense of sanity. And for me, that meant sorting priorities and defining what I really wanted to tackle in 2009.