Makes Me Happy Monday: Funky T-Shirts

Mondays are rough. I get it. But I'm trying to embrace them for what they are - open with possibilities. Introducing Makes Me Happy Monday! Here I'll show you something that I love (generally a guilty pleasure) and why it makes me happy on Monday. Feel free to play along.

Today's topic? Funky t-shirts. I've gotten on a kick in the last year or so where I've started collecting funky and fun t-shirts. I'm not sure how it started. All I know is that it's fun and wearing those shirts makes me happy.

Here are a few that I have (and links to where you can get them if you fall in love with them as much as I did):

#1 - Imposter (via Woot Shirt)

#2: Some Motivation Required (also via Woot Shirt)

#3: I'm Totally Blogging This (via Zazzle)

Picture 35#4: Camp NaNoWriMo (via

Picture 36

My Funky T-Shirt Wish List

#1: Bazinga (via CafePress)#2: Make That Five Panda Cubs (via Woot Shirt)

#3: Just Add Coffee (via CafePress)