Makes Me Happy Monday: Notebooks

I love (and to be honest, I'm completely obsessed with) notebooks. It's to the point where my husband visibly cringes when we walk past the school supply aisle in a drug store. I worked for several years in an Office Max and I'm one of the few kids I know who, at the age of 17, could spend their entire paycheck in an office supply store.
Why do I like them so much? To be honest (and at the rest of sounding like a mega-geek) there is something exciting about a blank notebook. That this could turn into anything. This notebook could save me from deadline disasters. This could hold my first completed novel. This could be the notebook that records my ideas for my next big project.
The sky is truly the limit.
I realize that some of my characteristics give me away as being old-fashioned. I prefer pen and paper to technology a lot of times and I'm completely ok with this. I don't hide my old-fashioned ways. I embrace them. I dig it. So, once I get those new notebooks, what do I do with them? Sometimes I let them sit on my shelf for a while until I find a good use for them. Sometimes I already have something in mind when I purchase them. It just depends on where I'm at and what I'm working on at that moment. But regardless of what the outcome is, notebooks make me happy.