Happiness Project Update

So there are two things that I have learned so far in the Happiness Project I'm working on. 1. I'm not so good with the regular updates on the blog 2. I'm not so good at keeping focus on my goals

Neither of them are exactly revolutionary, of course. Blogging, in general has been extremely difficult lately for me. And everyone knows that goals are hard to focus on unless you have a solid plan in place.

Time to review where we are right now.

For the goals I established in September, let's see how I did.

1. Develop a healthy eating program and include the family. Uh, yeah. One thing I did do that was very helpful was plan a full month's worth of menus.

Of course, sticking to the plan wasn't easy, but it was fun trying new recipes and feeling semi-organized.
2. Get more rest. In bed by 10 and up early enough to get stuff done before the family gets up. Totally hit or miss on this one, but I feel like I'm getting back on track with it.
3. Exercise at least three times a week. (HA HA HA) Ok, one thing I DID do and I'm pretty proud of is I bought a treadmill. I didn't need or want anything fancy. Just something I could fold up and use on a regular basis.
4. Get back to journaling. Didn't happen. Just being honest.
5. Get back into the habit of meditating. I did take more time to enjoy peace and quiet and get my head focused, so that's a win. It just hasn't been consistent.
6. Develop a general awareness of my health. I give myself a C+ on this. But it's better than it was before.
Ok, so looking at this in black and white is a little disheartening. But I'm not totally discouraged. That's not the point. The point is that I've learned a lot of things and it's time to change lifestyle patterns to get into the swing of things.
Some changes I'm making include daily tracking. Remember when you used to get star stickers for daily activities completed? My kids have chore charts and every day that they do them, they get a sticker. That's the idea behind my daily tracking. I am now tracking daily stuff I do that apply to my Happiness Project. I think this will kick my progress into high gear. Onward and upward!