Simple Tip Tuesday: Surround Yourself With Beauty

Do you have a happy place? You know, that spot where no matter what's going on, when you're there you are at peace. That spot that you dream of during high-stress periods of your life. Here is one of mine - The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

I loved this spot when we went to Dublin last May. But obviously I can't be there everyday. But I think about what I love most about this memory.

It's the beauty. The sheer beauty of standing there. The beauty of the moment.

Surround yourself with beauty to keep your mood up. Some ideas include:

  • Family photos on your desk at work
  • Flowers on your dining room table
  • Handmade gifts or handwritten notes in strategic places around your home
  • Bright colors in rooms you tend to spend the most time in
  • Trinkets and gifts from good times in life tucked in various places in your car, your purse, your bedroom, your office... wherever you tend to spend time.

Surround yourself with beauty for new reasons to smile every day!