January 8 Happiness Project Update

I started off my Happiness Project with a road trip with my husband. In honor of his birthday, I got us tickets to see the Bears vs. Packers at Lambeau Field. This was, for him, a true Bucket List trip! It was completely amazing and as a mega football fan, I fell in love with the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We had an amazing time and our happiness levels were through the roof. Seeing the look on my husband's face when we walked in and saw Lambeau Field for the first time was more than worth it.

Doing a road trip did present a slight complication to the whole health focus of month 1 for me. When you're on the road, you tend to just eat what's available (meaning eating out a lot) and I didn't prepare with a contingency plan. Nor was I able to get a solid workout in (although walking to the stadium in 12 degree weather may count because it sure FELT like a work out). I wasn't TOO bad about drinking water. I got to bed by 10 pm on one of those nights, so it wasn't too terrible. So, if you really want the full breakdown and the game plan going forward, here you go:

1. Eating healthy - I'm not good at this unless I have a plan so today's mini-goal is to sit down and schedule out meals and get a grocery list ready. I've already found a fun app that I think will be really helpful.

2. Get more rest - I promise once Bowl Week is over, I'll be much better about this. But I can't help it when there's really good football on in the evenings!

3. Exercise at least 3 times - I did it twice, so nearly there! This time I've scheduled it into my calendar so I can't make excuses.

4. Journal - This one I'm thinking about scaling back to just a couple times a week. In the mornings, I often have to choose between journaling and exercise and the latter is more important, at least right now.

5. Meditate - I did really well on this one. No really, I did. Five times this week I sat down for ten minutes in quiet and meditated. It felt good to get back into the habit.

6. Develop a general awareness of my health - on tap for this week's goals.

7. Drink at least 64 oz of water everyday. Another goal that I was pretty good at. It did take a lot of conscious decisions on my part (no, I don't need to fire up the coffee pot for the third time today; I'll have water instead) but I felt good about this.

8. Create at least one thing a week - DONE! I made my husband a gift for his birthday using Shutterfly. I compiled our pictures from our trip to Ireland and gave him a beautiful hardcover book of memories.

9. Get kids involved in physical activity - also on my list for this week.

All in all, I think I'd give myself a C+ this week. And I really like the tracking tool on the Happiness Project Toolbox. It helps me actually see how I'm doing and by nature I love to check things off.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the treadmill is calling my name!