Simple Tip Tuesday: When in Doubt, Take a Step Forward

The past six weeks have been more than a little odd when it comes to my journey of self-discovery and quest for happiness. They have been a blend of blurs and moments forever chiseled in my memory that I don't think time will ever erase. But one thing I have re-learned is that the best cure to feeling stuck is to a take a step forward, no matter how small. When I read The Happiness Project last year, one of the tips Gretchen Rubin provided was to "Tackle a Nagging Task." You know what I'm referring to. That thing that has been on your to-do list for far too long and you keep putting it off. It could be something as simple as paying a bill or cleaning out a drawer or something as big as signing up to go back to school. Whatever the caliber, getting something done that has been on your mind will really help you in your quest to move forward. Trust me, it helps.