Holy Heck It's October Already

I was hunting through my Social Media updates and I saw someone tweet about the fact that it's October 1. Holy crap it's October.

My due date is quickly approaching and I'm only 25% ready (both mentally and in terms of having material things ready). I guess I should get busy on that, huh? Crib needs set up, baby clothes need washed, I need to clean up the car seat... the list is just beginning.

The other day I started looking through my Happiness Project notebook because I realized I hadn't even checked my goals for September to see what I can focus on. The theme I had chosen at the beginning of the year was "Challenges" (imagine me laughing hysterically here).

As I was looking at my goals, I was surprised to see that I've actually accomplished some of them. Here is the list:

  1. Learn a new skill - A friend of mine is teaching me to knit socks. I've never done more than a scarf or blanket before, so this was kind of a big deal for me. Goal reached.
  2. Take a class on something - I signed up for a Project Management class online and I've really enjoyed the distraction. Goal reached.
  3. Attend a networking event - this I did not do. Since I'm preparing for maternity leave, it hasn't been a high priority.
  4. Join or get active in a group - I recently joined a crafting group in the area and I've met some really awesome people. I've even made new friends (I know, I'm shocked about it too). Goal reached.
  5. Engage in a daily challenge - Getting out of bed can be a daily challenge, but I'm still doing it. However, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind so I can't say I actually attained this goal.
  6. Make a "crazy idea" list - this is a bucket list of sorts but it's more of a personal project list. I wish I could remember what originally inspired this and I haven't actually made the list, but it might be something I'll actually delve into in the future.
The funny thing about this happiness project is that even when I'm not actively focusing on it, I still tend to take on things that will add to my happiness level purely out of habit at this point.
So what's on tap for October? The theme is "positivity" which may be a "well, duh..." moment, but actually October is Positive Attitude Month. So it does fit in the grand scheme of things. Here are the goals I laid out in January:
  1. Create a storehouse of positive quotes and decorate my favorites. My sister-in-law does something like this and she is the original inspiration for that idea.
  2. Compile positive tips and try them
  3. Help others / volunteer for something. I've already signed up to do a walk for depression awareness and suicide prevention and I've raised over $600 so far. So that's a start anyway.
  4. Avoid saying anything negative. (Have you ever tried this for just a day? It's a lot harder than it seems)
What other goals should I add for October? How would you work to stay positive?