Resolutions? I don't think so...

Once upon a time, I believed in resolutions. I believed in the "New Year's Magic" of writing down ridiculously lofty goals (without giving them a supporting action plan) and hoping that somehow in the following 12 months I would attain those goals. Bah freaking humbug.

No matter how lovely those resolutions sounded, reality got me every time. In the words of John Lennon, Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

So this year, I'm ready for whatever. I'll take what comes and I'll live through it all gracefully. One year ago, I remember reflecting on how bad 2010 was and I had high hopes for the coming year. 2011 made 2010 look like a walk in the park. But I learned something in the last 12 months. Ok, I learned a lot of things but one thing in particular sticks out to me.

Even if my worst fears come true, I can survive. 

I've lived (and continue to live) through what my friend calls "the worst thing." And I know several people who are currently living through their own worst things. The world has continued to turn and life has continued to evolve in spite of it all.

The best thing I can say about 2011? I survived it. I learned just how strong I can be with the help of a tremendous support system and a strong belief in God. I'm ready to move past just surviving and start living again. I'm ready for the challenges, opportunities and memories 2012 has for me, whatever they may be. I'm ready to take the lessons 2011 provided me and apply them to my life one day at a time. I'm ready to laugh again, to cry some more, to absorb each moment.

I'm ready. Bring it on 2012.