Makes Me Happy Monday: Football

Green Bay Packers HelmentAnyone who really knows me is aware of the fact that I am a sports nut. From baseball to college basketball, I'm the type of person to have sports on TV 24/7 and I'd rather listen to ESPN radio than music in the car. My kids are incredibly tolerant although I do let them watch their shows on a regular basis. I love any major sporting event including World Cup Soccer and I'm currently debating on whether or not I should use vacation time when the Olympics finally begin so I can immerse myself in the competition. (I probably won't but wow would it be awesome if I did.) But nothing, I repeat nothing, comes close to the love I have for football. College and pro, I watch it all. Even if I don't care about (or I've never heard of) the two teams playing, I'll watch it. I devour statistics like it's my job and get a tad geeky with it all to be perfectly honest.

Specifically, there are three teams that I am completely devoted to (two of which have historically caused me a great deal of pain over the years): The Cleveland Browns (sigh), Notre Dame (sigh again) and the Green Bay Packers.

With the playoffs upon us, I am one happy girl. It's bittersweet because I know that in just a few short weeks, it will be over for another year. But for now, I am enjoying every blessed minute of it. #gopackgo