Simple Tip Tuesday: Simplify Something

Around the blogging community, I've seen a trend in posts in regards to how they're looking at 2012 called One Word. The premise is simple. Pick one word that describes your approach to the new year. I love the idea because it brings something as complex as 12 months of living and boils it down to a simple idea: How you are going to handle those 12 months. There are so many things I cannot control. I cannot control the ongoing grief or determine when it will wrap around me (generally at the oddest and most unexpected times). I cannot control other people and their actions. I cannot predict how this year will go. But I can simplify everything down to the fact that I can control how I approach and therefore react to what comes my way.

I've spent the last week or so thinking about what my one word would be and over the weekend, it hit me. I figured out my word.


I will be bold in 2012. I will approach life boldly and take big steps on things. I will be direct with what I want and what I expect. I will welcome new experiences as they come and see what I can add to situations. I will do something everyday that scares me.

I will be bold.

What is your word for 2012?