Simple Tip Tuesday: Journal

I realize that this is not for everyone, but journaling has more than helped me deal with life over the years. Physically writing something down helps me organize my thoughts, assess a situation and often times realize what is actually going on in my head. Here are a few ways that various forms of journaling have been helpful:

  • Good old fashioned journaling - a daily document of what's running through my head or going on in my life help me determine patterns of behavior that may be causing me some trouble. It also allows me to vent occasionally rather than keeping things in until I explode
  • Photo Journaling - Taking photos of beautiful things or daily life remind me how beautiful life can be
  • Food Journaling - Want to lose weight without going on some diet? Start by writing down what you eat all the time. Believe me, it makes you pay attention to what you're putting in your body
  • Digital Journaling - Yes, blogging can be a form of journaling (although I still prefer to write it down physically from a therapeutic standpoint)

There are hundreds of ways you can journal. What method do you use or prefer?