February Goals for My Happiness Project

February is just around the corner and you know what that means... time to set goals for this month's theme in my Happiness Project. February's theme is "Love." I will admit, reading the goals I set last year were very painful considering how many of them revolved around my husband. But I still believe that love, no matter what form, is an important thing.

There is a lot of debate about how many kinds of love there are. Some say three, others four and still others five... I tend to subscribe to the belief that C.S. Lewis laid out when he described the four types of love:

  • Storge (Affection)
  • Phileo (Friendship)
  • Eros (Romance)
  • Agape (Unconditional)

Regardless of how many you think there are or how you classify them, love (in my opinion) is a truly amazing thing.

I recently watched Up in the Air for the first time. Watching Clooney's character avoid feeling anything for anyone at all costs was... well... depressing. Granted, the thought of having no attachments (and therefore no risk of being hurt) sounds appealing at times. But at the end of the day, I want to experience love. And I do feel it everyday. Every time my kids tell me they love me or hug me or snuggle with me simply because I'm their mom... words can't describe it.

So, February is all about love. Here are the goals that I've laid out (keeping in mind that I'm still working on my January goals and meshing them into my daily life):

  • Make a list of RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) and follow through on several of them
  • Read a wonderful love story
  • Find ways to teach my children how to show love
  • Live a forgiving life (one of the greatest displays of love I know)

February is all about love. So on Wednesday, let the games begin.