Simple Tip Tuesday: Focus on the Solution

We all know the type. They are the person who seem to LOVE complaining. And quite often they complain about the SAME thing over and over again. You see them approaching you or their name appears on your caller ID and you cringe a little. I will admit that I have been "that person" from time to time but I got sick of hearing myself whine. So I started paying more attention to the behavior. From there, I implemented a few little things to make the behavior stop.

  1. I determined simple solutions to the issue that was nagging at me. Things like "stop talking about it, stop thinking about it" and "change the way you respond" are examples
  2. I asked my closest friends and family to stop me if I started complaining about whatever topic I was trying to get over
  3. I made a concentrated effort to carry out the solution and focus on a good outcome
  4. I would vent and then ultimately write about my progress in a private journal

The point is I stopped focusing on the problem and started paying attention to the solution. Do you have something in your life that you can apply this to?