Back from the Dark

Grief is a beast. And it is something that, if you're not careful, can takeover everything without you even realizing it. I know because that is how I have been living for the past few months. Grief can turn its ugly head at any time and take your breath away. It can also hide, lurking beneath the surface so that you think you're ok, that you're all better. And then, suddenly, everything has been turned upside down again.

The past few months have been torturous. And I couldn't put my finger on what was happening until everything spiraled out of control. I've had health issues and emotional issues. But I finally feel as though I'm back from the dark.

I'm reading again. This is huge. Reading an entire book seemed to be such an arduous task in the not so distant past. But recently, I've read three books. God, did that feel good.

I'm laughing again. And smiling. In fact, I can't seem to stop smiling these days.

I'm enjoying life again. The big things, the little things... it's all wonderful.

I'm writing again. I've actually been able to put pen to paper and journal. And each time I do it, the pain subsides a little more.

I'm dancing again. The other day in the car, a song came on and I couldn't help it. I danced.

I'm living again. And it feels miraculous. It feels wonderful. I don't want to let it go.

There will still be hard times. Times that allow me to continue my journey through healing. But the time for grieving in passing.

It's time to move forward.

It's time to be me again.

It's time to come back from the dark.