Makes Me Happy Mondays: New Beginnings

There's nothing quite like getting a fresh start on something, is there? There's just something about that first moment, when everything is new and there is no planned outcome and the possibilities are endless. It's like that first page of a new notebook, the first truly fall day of the season, and as someone I care about deeply likes to say, that first scoop of peanut butter in a new jar. (It always tastes better, doesn't it?) Over the weekend I started brainstorming a new personal project that I'm going to work on. Its focus is, well... I guess you could say the focus is me. It's a lot like the Happiness Project I've had in the back of my mind for two years now (which, quite honestly has been a stop and go proposition even though being happy is always a priority for me).

This project is a little more focused, a little more structured and a lot more exciting. The goal is still the same: self-improvement in one way or another. But I'm easing up on my definition of "self-improvement" this time around. Sometimes, just enjoying life more means I'm improving. I want to be an incredible role model to my kids just like my parents are to me.

So, a lot more details to come, but let me say this: I haven't been this excited about a blog-related project in quite a while! I'm still trying to think of a "title" for this introspective journey so any suggestions are greatly welcome. "The Angela Moore Project" just sounds too blah.

Stay tuned!