When Things Don't Go As Planned

So, today was originally going to be a day where I posted all about the things I learned at BlogHer 13 in Chicago. I bought my ticket back in November of last year, booked my hotel room immediately after that and arranged child care with my sainted mother. But last week, I cancelled my trip.

BlogHer was just not meant to be this year. Honestly, I'd known it for a while, but didn't pull the plug until a week before the conference. I tried several different ways to talk myself into going anyway and making it happen. But then, as I looked at the whole thing, it became very clear that it just wasn't going to happen because it couldn't. The stars were not aligned. Not at all.

So I cancelled the hotel reservation. And we stayed home.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. But I was. In fact, for a few hours, I was downright heartbroken. BlogHer was supposed to be the event that would reinvigorate me as a writer. I mean, let's face facts: This is my first blog post on here since December.

7 months of no posting. It's damn near laughable that I refer to myself as a blogger.

Anyway, BlogHer was supposed to change that. It was supposed to kick me in the ass and get me writing again. But I didn't go. Yet, here I am, blogging.

So, I didn't go to Chicago. What did I do instead?

I slept. And read. And exercised. And cooked. And played with the kids. And started a new crochet project.

And it was great. Yes, I'm sad I didn't make it to BlogHer. But such is life. And I'm learning. I'm learning to embrace the change when things don't go according to the plan. And I'm a big planner. But sometimes, things turn out better than you planned.