Enjoying the Moment

Sitting by the PoolThis has been a fabulous summer. I'm just soaking up the time with the kids, the awesome, not-too-hot weather and yes, even the crazy schedule. With five kids now, there is no end to the jostling, running, double-checking, cheering, picture taking, video capturing, moment experiencing madness... but I absolutely love it. I've come to a realization this summer. I love being busy. How often does someone ask you how you're doing and you reply with sheer exasperation, "Oh wow, I am SO busy!" Sometimes it's exhausting just asking someone how they're doing, right? Well, I've found myself this summer replying with, "So busy and loving it." 

I am thrilled with how much time I'm spending with the kids this summer. This has been one of our greatest summers ever. We're taking time to enjoy sports and activities in our new neighborhood, take day trips to places like Cedar Point and just make this summer one to remember. 

With all of my history, I've learned to just stop and enjoy moments. I'm not as good at this as I'd like to be, but I'm getting there and I'm embracing all of the activity. This is probably helped by the fact that we do try to have one "no activity" day a week and that is typically on Sundays. But I'm sure the biggest change in me is this whole idea of living in the moment that I've been working on. 

It is hard for me to just stay in the moment. In my professional life, I am constantly in "what's next" mode. And it has been Ducks on a pondbleeding into my personal life big time. So, sitting tight and absorbing the moment has been a challenge for me but I've been pushing back on my instincts lately and forcing myself to just sit and enjoy. I even caught myself enjoying doing the dishes the other day (shocking, I know). 

The bad news? It's still hard.

The good news? It's getting easier.

What about you? Is this something that you're working on? Something that you want to work on? What are you going to do to start enjoying the life you're living rather than anticipating the life you might have?