The Three Simple Words We All Long To Hear

enoughLately, I have been playing a little game with myself. I have been saying to myself (either with my eyes closed and imagining that I'm standing across from myself or in front of the mirror... hang in there with me, for a minute ok?) a very simple phrase and then gauging my reaction. "You are enough."

That's it. Three simple words.

You are enough.

Then I sit back and watch. My internal, and often external, reaction to this phrase will vary depending on the day, time, circumstances, or whatever else is going on around me. Not surprising since, hey, I'm human. At times the overwhelming urge to laugh will rise up in me, as if to say "who do you think you're kidding?" Other times, there will a deep longing that pulls at my heart. Oh, if only that were true... Sometimes, and these are my favorite, it is relief that washes over me. Finally, I can let go of the imperfections and just be... me.

More often than not, though, there is a need to fill in a blank. It's almost like an emotional asterisk. And it sounds like this:

"You are enough..."


  • ... this situation is resolved
  • ... you've lost all the weight
  • ... you're not so neurotic
  • ... he / she accepts you
  • ... they tell you that you are
  • ... this project is complete

Need I go on?

This whole exercise has been incredibly enlightening for me. I've been monitoring my reactions and doing my best not to judge them, but just take them at face value. Basically it's been an adventure in emotional meditation.

While I have more to say on this (to be continued as they say), I'm curious as to where you are with this. Do this simple exercise. Stand in front of a mirror and say out loud "{your name}, you are enough."

What happens? Do you laugh? Do you cry? Do you roll your eyes? Are you rolling your eyes just reading this?

Try this exercise once a day for a few days and observe how you react. No judgment, no need for change. Just observation.

Just sit with this and be.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.