The Magical Act of Being Enough

being enoughHave you ever sat back and watched someone who had an amazing level of self-confidence? How they move through a room with ease and assurance? How they speak to other people, holding their gaze and not fidgeting during the conversation? Have you noticed how they can laugh off their mistakes? And still try new things even when they completely screw up? Have you seen them go about their day as though they don't have a care in the world and have complete self-awareness that so many other people lack?

Have you felt the energy around them? How they make other people feel? It's almost as if they can transfer the state of being enough to others just by standing there and talking to them.

It's damn near magical.

And I have a secret for you: you have it too.

Oh trust me, it's there. It might be buried under years of scrutiny, self-criticism, doubt, fear and other emotional sabotage, but it exists. And it's waiting for you to call it up to the surface.

Have you listened to it recently? You probably have. It came out in the form of a new idea, a bold decision, a crazy theory about life... and you probably shouted it down.

I can't do that.

Everyone will think I'm crazy.

I have no time or expertise for that.

This pain will never go away to allow me to do that.

That's for other people. Not me.

What will people think?

Let it shout back. Let it tell your insecurities off. To go bug someone else. Because you're too busy dreaming big dreams to let self-doubt and pain rule your life.

Take a step. Move forward.

And see what happens.

Because you can do this. You are enough. You can live this truth.

And it will be magical.