The Purpose of a Transition

purpose of transitionFor the past, I don't know, 34 (almost 35) years, I feel like I have been in a constant state of transition. I didn't feel like I was settled regardless of where I was or what I was doing or who I thought I was. Admittedly, for the first 21 years this was largely self-induced. I couldn't just be happy where I was. I was always looking for the next thing, the next milestone, the next problem to complain about... let me tell you, I was a hoot to be around. But I had a major transition a few months before my 22nd birthday and everything (I mean EVERYTHING) changed. I watched my family go through health issues and transitions of their own and I was amazed at their bravery and their resilience. Then, suddenly I was faced with being at a place in life where things just weren't right. I wasn't right. I didn't want to live like that anymore.

So I entered a transition phase (eventually as a willing participant) and I learned a lot about me, what I wanted and where I was going or at least where I hoped I was going.

But this phase of my life left more questions asked than answered and I had to get to a point where I was ok with unanswered questions. That's not my style. I'm a "questions answered" kind of girl so this was a real test of my emotions not to mention my sanity.

But here I am. I'm still here. And I firmly believe that every step I have taken to get to this point has helped direct me here.

Here is pretty good. But I didn't get here without going through some transitions. Some small and some life-changing-over-night kind of transitions.

Transitions are painful, scary and often times confusing. There's a lot of "why me" and "why now" kind of stuff happening between the ears and it screws with you. It really does. But I promise it's necessary.

So many people would love to skip the transformation process and go right to the end result.

We want the healthy body without suffering the withdrawal from not eating crap all the time.

We want to get the marathon medal without having to put a ridiculous amount of miles on our new running shoes.

We want to perform on stage before an adoring crowd without having to heal the blisters on your fingers from practicing guitar for hours.

We want the promotion, the recognition, the notoriety but we'd rather skip the whole work really hard and make missteps along the way part.

That's not how it works. We actually need transitions.

I firmly believe that if I went from where I was as a scared, messed up 21 year old college senior to the (semi) sane and responsible woman I am now my head would have exploded.

And it would not have been pretty. Not at all guys.

The transition time allowed me to grow. The changes happen DURING the transition. Not at the end of it. I have a good friend that loves to remind me of this when I'm complaining (hell yeah I complain... I'm not perfect) about someone or something that is just. Driving. Me. Crazy.

He smiles and he says, "It sounds like an excellent opportunity for spiritual growth, Angela."

After the impulse to punch him subsides, I know he is right. The transitions are not just to get us to where we want to go; they are, in fact, responsible for making us who we are when we get there. Like Michelangelo trying to find David in the slab of stone, life is rubbing off our rough edges and shaping us, molding us, discovering our hidden talents and voila! We are a piece of art work.

Yes, you read that right. You are a piece of art. Every inch of you. Does that surprise you?

That's why I call it Unexpected Art.

What transition are you in right now? Share it below and get some support in the comments.