More & Less: The Cravings of the Soul

None of us are truly where we want to be, are we? All of us have something inside ourselves that we are searching for, working for, believing for. Something that will take us to a new level, to greater heights, to deeper depths. It could be anything.

A career goal. A promotion. A new business.

A lifestyle change. Losing the weight. Running the race.

A relationship. Rekindling the romance. Starting over.

Being transformed. Or just being more you.

The soul longs for more. That’s not to say that the soul is greedy. But it is yearning. It can yearn quietly where only you can hear it, sense it, feel it. It can scream loudly and capture the attention of anyone and everyone with unyielding intensity.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about being discontent and unsatisfied. There are many of us who feel, deep within our bones, that if life stayed this way for ever and ever, amen, we’d be ok with that. That things are great and we’re genuinely happy.

But the soul yearns. And it calls for more… of something. And that something is different for all of us. But it’s there. Even when it seems like it’s dormant and hibernating, it is there. And if you get still enough, you’ll hear it. You’ll hear what your soul is craving.

More action. More stillness.

More laughing. More tears and letting go.

More hugs and affection. More space.

Too often the busyness and the business of life can distract us from being able to tune in to what our soul is asking for. The noise of the world, the constant commotion, the constant need to do more, say more and be more… it adds up each and every day. And it will continue to add up until it has your full attention.

With illness. With anxiety. With an internal knowing that won’t let go.

Because remember that whenever your soul is craving something MORE, it also needs the opposite LESS.

More time with family = less time being unnecessarily busy.

More progress in business = less time on projects that are distracting you.

More health and nutrition = less comfort food that gives you a hit of dopamine.

Right now, sit and be still. Ask yourself… what is my soul looking for at this very minute? What is it that my soul needs more and less of? How do I find it and harness it and feed my soul in the way it needs right now? Am I willing to let go of things that are holding me back? Things that are weighing me down? Things that are keeping me stuck? Can I even identify what those things are?

The soul is calling for you to seek it in the balance of life made up of the “more of this” and “less of that” pursuit. Pursue your soul’s cravings and you will never be disappointed.