Many women who are tired of just dealing with heartache, grief and self-destructive behaviors and want to overcome them in a spectacular fashion have taken advantage of life coaching services specially designed for women to get them on the path to their personal definition of success. Coaching programs are designed for the individual so there is no cookie cutter approach here. 

Some examples of the work that I do include:

Discovering Who You Truly Are

Designing Your Ideal Day

The Fast Track To A Big Goal

Getting Back to Basics

Resilience Training

Creating a Life Plan

Embracing Your Femininity

Developing a Practical, Spiritual Life

Find out if you qualify for life coaching from Angela Papay

I specialize in working with women who are dealing with setbacks. As a widow, I have first hand knowledge of what it feels likes to suddenly be faced with a life you never expected to be in. I know what it is like to have your world change overnight and still have to get up in the morning and move forward. I have become well versed in the language attached to picking up the pieces of broken dreams and expectations.

I also know all about the “smaller” disappointments in life that can pile up and discourage you from taking action on a major goal you have in life. These are the things that women tend to fluff off as “unimportant” or “

Women that work with me tend to have the following qualities:

  • The are HUNGRY for more in life - regardless of what area of life that may be in - career, finances, love, parenting, personal growth - they know that there is more out there and they want to bring it in to their lives.

  • They are OPEN-MINDED - When something is out of their comfort zone, their willing to try it to see if it can fit into their daily life. They don’t mind a little discomfort in order to bring greatness into their world.

  • They are MOTIVATED - Coaching sessions generally result in homework - personal work that can be anything from a journal exercise to a life task that can move a person forward toward a goal they have.

  • They are COMMUNICATIVE - They respond to emails, they show up to appointments, they let me know when stuff comes up and they don’t tolerate excuses from holding them back.

  • They are HONEST - Probably the most important quality, honesty is an absolute requirement. I can’t help anyone who isn’t honest with me or themselves. Yes, honesty can be painful and uncomfortable, but it is essential to growing as a person.

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How Does LIFE Coaching Work?

Coaching is a simple process - you talk, I listen. I ask questions, you think about it and give me an answer. I assign some homework and we talk about it in our next session. We talk about what YOU want to talk about. The sessions are all about YOU. I have no ulterior motive. The only thing I want is what you want.

As a life and resilience coach for women, I am trained to do the following things:

  • I ask questions that make you stop and think

  • I listen carefully to the answer and give thoughtful insights

  • I hold you accountable for the work you’re doing while supporting you as do it

  • I look for patterns of behavior that appear

  • I keep us on track to focus on the goals that are most important to you

As a life and resilience coach for women, I am NOT:

  • A licensed therapist or a medical doctor. I cannot give health and medical advice, nor prescribe medication but I can share my own personal experience

  • Qualified to handle any kind of detox program

  • A licensed nutritionist - all I can offer is my own personal experience. I do have a nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition but it is not the same as being a licensed nutritionist or dietitian

  • Qualified to give financial advice on investments, financial transactions or similarly related items

  • Qualified to give legal advice on any matters

So what does a life coach do? Here are some examples of things I’ve done with clients in the past:

  • Helped plan and organize a cross country move

  • Helped identify a dream job scenario and outline next steps for applying for said job

  • Helped widows explore the grieving process and reach out for help from qualified professionals

  • Helped identify daily rituals and routines that give a person the best possible chance of having a good, productive day

  • Helped identify limiting beliefs that are holding someone back and outline ways to overcome and in some cases, eliminate the belief entirely

  • Helped women get comfortable with the idea of meditation and how it fits into their life

  • Helped determine what someone is looking for in terms of a life partner

As a coach, I first and foremost identify as a teacher - but not one that will spoon feed you the answers that you think you need. I help you come to conclusions and show you how to access parts of yourself that you might not have explored before. I am not a guru or some know-it-all who has all the answers.

But do you know who does have all the answers? YOU. I just help you uncover them.

How much does life coaching cost?

First things first - life coaching is an investment in yourself. When you spend money on something, you are placing importance on that thing. And what is more important than you? Nothing, that’s what. So when you purchase life coaching sessions from me, I recognize the investment you’re making in yourself and I honor that by giving you my undivided attention and every tool at my disposal to help you reach your goal.

Life coaching works best when you invest both money and time into it. That’s why I require a 3 month commitment from all my life coaching clients. Three months works well for the following reasons:

  1. It gives you enough time to see progress on any goal, regardless of what it may be

  2. It allows us to space out our sessions so that you have time to truly implement what we talk about in our time together

  3. It provides a true sense of commitment when you know that you’re going to be working on something over a 90 day period

I tend to schedule my life coaching sessions every 7-10 days (schedules permitting). So in a ninety (90) day period, you will get roughly 9 sessions. When you purchase packages of sessions, I reduce the cost from my normal hourly rate to honor the commitment you’re making. Once someone has completed their initial 90 day period, they are eligible to purchase single sessions.

The initial 90 day package is $600. This includes 9 sessions with me (in person if local or by phone/video chat) as well as email support between appointments and the initial intake process. Following that, single sessions can be purchased for $75 each.

I do offer discounts when something buys a package of sessions after the initial 90 day period. If you buy a month’s worth (3 sessions + email support) your cost is only $200, two month’s worth (6 sessions + email support) is $375 and three month’s worth (9 sessions + email support) is $550. So the more you buy, the more you save.

I have had inquiries in the past about unlimited sessions and support. My rate is $500 / month and also includes access to any digital training programs I have available at the time.