Choosing A Career For The First Time


Choosing A Career For The First Time


As a widow, you may now be facing the stark reality that you are suddenly the breadwinner. You have to find a job and you want something fulfilling, but where do you even start?

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Choosing a career when you've never had to before can be an overwhelming and daunting task for many women. As a widow, earning income may have been taken care of by your husband so you didn't have to worry about it before. But now, it's up to you.

Many women in this position feel overwhelmed and discouraged because they don't know where to start. This program is designed to help widows (or any woman facing the challenge of finding work for the first time in a long time) first identify what they want to do and then map out an action plan on how to reach their goals.

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Building a skills and strengths profile - know what you're good at so that you can identify marketable skills
  • Work Options - brainstorming is a powerful tool and women often surprise themselves by what comes out of their mouths and minds during the process. Together, we brainstorm a number of options that you would like to pursue as a potential career or experiment
  • The Practicals - build a resume that makes sense for you. This allows you to comfortably hand over that all important piece of paper and allow yourself to be accurately portrayed. We also work through interview techniques that will help you fight nerves and best represent yourself without later building a list of all the things you should have said.
  • Being flexible - the most important thing with careers is to be flexible in your goals. If you want to go for something, then do it! But always keep your options open. You never know what may come to you during this process.

This program is designed for widows specifically but it can easily be adapted to women who are divorced, suddenly single or needing a change after a sizable period in a given field.