The Widow Manifesto

If your widow journey has been like mine, you've probably received a lot of "advice" on what you should do, how you should act and how you should feel. 

I'm here to tell you that none of it matters. What matters is what is actually best for you. 

That's why I created The Widow Manifesto. By no means is this supposed to address every widow's approach or outlook. This is MY Manifesto and a declaration of how I'm living my life along my journey into and beyond widowhood. 

I encourage any widow who reads this to come up with their own manifesto and decide for themselves how they want to live their life. This is one of the most freeing exercises I've done in my own journey and it is my sincere hope that other widows who do this experience a similar sense of peace and clarity. 

If you do create your own, share it with other widows and use the hashtag #widowmanifesto.

Download a PDF version of my manifesto.