Are You Ready for the Next Level of Your Life?

Life coaching isn't a gimmick. Nor is it a fad. Life coaches are professional people who have a gift for asking insightful questions that make their clients really think about their own lives and then discover a plan of action that help them achieve those goals. 

How do you know if coaching is right for you? Here are a couple of guidelines that should help you determine if you're ready for the next step:

You're not ready for coaching if you....

  • Are not ready to make some serious change in your life to get what you want
  • Refuse to let go of old habits
  • Don't have time for weekly calls and homework
  • Are uncomfortable with intense and soul-searching conversations

You're a good candidate for coaching if you...

  • Are dedicated to making positive change
  • Ready to move forward in a decisive manner
  • Are available for weekly discussions and associated "homework"
  • Have an open-mind to intense discussions and tough conversations

How Coaching Works

Private coaching typically works like this:

1. You have an introductory / discovery call with Angela

2. You purchase a package of coaching sessions (4 sessions minimum to start unless you're going with a specific coaching program that is less than four)

3. You schedule your sessions with Angela at a time that works for your schedule

4. You're off to the races

All coaching sessions (with some exceptions) occur via phone or Skype and are limited to 60 minutes.

What Kind of results can I expect?

The kind of results you can expect is directly tied to the kind of effort you put into the coaching sessions and the time between sessions as well. Like most things in life, you get out what you put in. If you aren't fully committed to the process, you won't see real and lasting change or results. 

What kind of coaching does angela offer?

Angela provides coaching services for women with the following objectives:

  • Women who want to begin a new chapter in their life with a fresh start (a new business, marriage, moving, a new child)
  • Women who want to establish a spiritual connection with a faith / belief / philosophy of their own choice (what type of religion you are - if any - does not matter)
  • Women who want to receive closure on a particular matter in their life so that they can move forward
  • Women who want to better a specific area of their lives through positive living and mindfulness

What are my options for working with Angela?

You have a couple of options in terms of working with Angela:

  1. You can sign up for private coaching
  2. You can register for a specific coaching program
  3. You can take a look at Angela's products and courses as they become available to do the work on your own

How do i get started?

Simply find the coaching option that works for you and fill out the interest form and someone will be in touch with you very quickly!