I know a lot of what you're feeling. I've been there. Here's my story.

I have battled depression for most of my life. The earliest memories I have of this disease is when I was a pre-teen but it didn't get an actual label until I was older. The same goes with anxiety disorder. I have it and I live with it everyday. It is a constant companion, but I no longer think of it as an enemy.

I have suffered addictions and worked hard to break myself of those issues and put my feet firmly on the ground. I've made progress and then fallen short only to turn around and make more progress.

I was widowed at the age of 31 when my first husband and father of my three children committed suicide in the home we owned together. I also learned to love, really love, and am now preparing to remarry and expand my family which gives me more joy than I could ever express. I've lost friends, babies, jobs, opportunities, experiences, loved ones and more.

But I'm still here.

I know what it feels like to:

  • Be ashamed of everything you are because you don't know any better
  • Be confused by the mixed messages you're getting from other people... both good and bad and not know how to process them
  • Not know what my actual truth is and not really know who I am
  • Feel like the world is absolutely crumbling down on top of you and there is no way to stop it
  • Live in a life filled with darkness, depression, anxiety and fear
  • Fight off addictions and self-destructive behavior
  • Question everything I've ever learned and wonder what in the world I'm going to do next

This is a journey. My own journey. And I'm sharing it with you.

Forget reality television. This is real life. And these are real solutions. It's not magic or mystic mumbo-jumbo. It's a daily practice of finding the good, expressing the love and healing the hurts. It's about getting back on my feet and showing others how I do it. So how does it work? Here are some examples of my methodology:

  • Working to eliminate damaging statements from vocabulary because words have power
  • Identifying what is really being felt vs. what we think we're feeling
  • Showing a path of progress rather than perfection when it comes to daily life, spiritual connections and loving kindness
  • Embracing the ideas and practice of forgiveness, healing and release
  • Truly understanding who you are and what you really want in life
  • Setting realistic, jaw-dropping and beautiful goals and then creating a plan to reach them
  • Enjoying the baby steps of progress without getting caught up in the drama of life

My approach is a combination of methods from teachers like Danielle LaPorte, Tony Robbins, Sophia Tara Mohr, Brene Brown and Cheri Huber. I often study the works of Geneen Roth, Melody Beattie, Gabby Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and Kristin Neff. I am truly blessed to live in an age where the access to their wisdom is unprecedented.

I am a work in progress. Just like you. And meeting you has been the highlight of my day so far.